About Cultura it

A people driven company

We've been creating synergies with companies for over 10 years, improving their processes with tech and helping them achieve their business goals.

CulturaIT - Equipo trabajando
CulturaIT - Equipo trabajando

This is how our story begins:

With a growing demand from the market and competition, our clients were facing the need to optimize their business processes. As scalability was happening, tech became a key thing within a competitive environment.

That’s how they found the competition: focused on innovating and creating key differentiators in their businesses, while they couldn’t create a disruptive change.

Two main things would happen: 1) their IT teams wouldn’t make things in time; 2) no budget could cover the cost of projects.

After all, your priority is creating value in your business. Which means, market your products or services like selling insurance and offering a better customer experience to your clients. But not to worry about your internal problems, and that’s exactly why you need an IT team that can help you solve your problems efficiently.

That’s something we know how to do well. But there’s something we do better: building relationships that last in time. Tech is just an excuse we use to help you deliver value in your company.

TECHNOLOGIES we are experts at

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How do we do it?

We take the time to analyze your current projects and processes performance, diagnose how your company uses tech, and identify needs and improvement points.


We specialize in end-to-end product development, tech migrations and app integrations.

Staff Augmentation

We make a search and selection of professionals to extend your IT team’s capacity.

Support Outsourcing

An integral service that allows our clients to channel their IT needs through our Help Table, with different scaling levels.

El equipo de Cultura IT

Tech is our excuse, people our driver

We count with a distributed team across our offices in Tucumán and Buenos Aires, composed of excellent people with high expertise, focused on delivering positive impact in your business.


Respect for others

To live this concept as a value means implementing it in our daily interactions through a real respect for ideas, choices and the way each person chooses to live.


We build trustworthy relationships with our clients, team, and vendors. Trust is a key value to build long term relationships where honesty prevails.


We are transparents in our acts, taking care of the relationships we have with our clients. They can always understand what we do, and how we do it.


A fundamental condition for any willing-to-be-successful project. We are fully aware of our agreements, checking our executions daily to make sure we're doing the right thing.


We understand companies as a system that works based around action coordination with our clients and vendors. Taking care of each and everyone of these relationships, we get the work to flow towards its goals.

Our offices

San Miguel de Tucumán

Maipú 50

Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Parral 37